Club Info

    Henley Beach Masters Swimming Club 

Who are we?
Henley Beach Masters Swimming Club is a club of informality and friendly support for all who want to swim and keep fit in a social environment. Club members are men and women ranging in age from their 20s to over 60. 

What do we do?
Members take part in guided, non-competitive swim training and fitness sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Thebarton Aquatic Centre, My er St, Torrensville. Other swim sessions are also organised, usually on Saturdays at the pool and in summer at the beach. The club participates in a number of inter-club competitions during the cooler months and in open water swims at various metropolitan and country beaches during summer, including our own event, the Charles Sturt Challenge, held in February.

Where do we come from?
The Henley and Grange Swimming Club is the oldest in South Australia, having been formed in 1912. In 1993 the Henley & Grange Club opened the Thebarton Aquatic Centre in Meyer St Torrensville, which serves as its head-quarters. Our predecessor, the Henley & Grange AUSSI Masters group was established as part of the Henley and Grange Club, also in 1993.   Today the Henley Beach Masters group is operating as an independent organisation but retains strong ties to its Henley & Grange roots.

Our Social Activities
In addition to swimming, the Henley Beach Masters Club organises frequent social events.  On the last Thursday of the month members often congregate after swimming for a drink and a bite to eat in the clubrooms at the rear of the Thebarton Aquatic Centre or at a local pub.  There are also occasional weekends away organised by Club members and an annual Christmas party with awards and presents.